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Franz Jägerstätter: A Hidden Life

"A Hidden Life" is a contemplative kind of biopic of Austrian conscientious objector Franz Jägerstätter (1907-1943). He has now been beatified by the Church, but Malick's film ...

Our Lady of Guadalupe: a sign of Mary's closeness to us

It seems coincidental, doesn’t it, that the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe and the feast of Christmas fall so close together in the calendar? And yet… if it’s an accident, it’...

It’s Time to Ask for the Grace We Need

I am deeply in love with Jesus and his Church. It is the reason I started asking my parents to drive me to Mass, even when we didn’t go as a family; it was the reason I decided to go to a Cathol...

A Treasure for the Taking: 3 Easy Ways to Help the Holy Souls

Have you ever heard of the Church’s treasury? It’s not money or the precious artwork in the Vatican museums. No, the Church’s treasury is of infinite value because it contains all th...

All Saints and All Souls: contemplating the life we know now and the one to come

The wind is picking up dead leaves fallen from the trees, swirling them around, making them dance. It feels appropriate, somehow, for our days of the dead—All Saints’ and All Souls’ ...

Explaining Faith: Wisdom from G.K. Chesterton, Apologist and "Maker of Converts"

Explaining faith is a difficult task, because faith is separate from intellect. Or... is it? Certainly some of the greatest "apologists"—explainers of the faith—have managed to i...

How Meditation on Death Can Change Your Life

Several years after joining the convent, I decided to take up the practice of regular meditation on death. As a reminder to meditate on my death, I acquired a small ceramic skull for my desk. I was in...

After Suicide — There's hope for them and for you

Do those who take their own lives automatically lose their salvation? How can we help those who have lost a loved one to suicide? Addressing the hard issue of suicide simply and pastorally, Fr. Chris ...

Dressing Up to Learn About Ourselves: How Halloween Can Prepare Kids for All Saints Day

Halloween!It’s a thrilling night for kids. It’s a time when everyone is allowed to dream big and dress up as someone they are not. And yes… it is also a time for candy.&nb...

After Suicide - Book Signing with Fr. Chris Alar, MIC

Can't make it to the book signing, but interested in the book? For more information call 312-346-4228 Purchase After Suicide online here

Pauline is an apostolic ministry of the Daughters of St. Paul. 

We are consecrated women communicating Christ with our lives.

We are 100 years of collaboration among religious, clergy, and laity to help people connect with Jesus Christ and the Church in a secular digital culture. 

Following our model Saint Paul, we live Christ so that we can give Christ in today’s digital world. 

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Working with the Daughters of St. Paul here at Pauline Books and Media for the past 14 years has been a great experience. Besides being a part of the Pauline mission, what has touched me the most is the way the sisters reached out to me when my sister was battling breast cancer. They were there for me and my family., even saying the rosary with us during those dark days. 

I know the book Midwife for Souls helped me cope with this struggle in my life so much and I'm grateful for the opportunity to assist others on the order line here at PBM to find just the right book that will help them too.

Emilia Velasquez
Sales Department at Pauline Books and Media