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When we're struggling to understand ourselves

It’s easy, these days, to feel discouraged about a great many things, not least of which is our relationship with God. We move forward through the bustle of daily life, sometimes gracefully, but...

How to Help Kids Pray with Scripture

It's important to remember that there are many ways to pray. Memorizing and praying the Lord's Prayer, the Hail Mary, or any other beloved prayers are wonderful ways to pray, but so are prayin...

A Mother's Journey

Maybe you’re a mom.Biological, adoptive, foster, spiritual, school-mom, hospital-mom, mother-figure… however your motherhood is expressed.Maybe you’re a mom.And maybe you remem...

Pray It Through: How to Pray when It's Hard to Forgive

A graduate school classmate of mine was once a greengrocer in a small English village. If you wanted fresh fruits and vegetables, and you happened to live in that village, you had to visit him. The pr...

Why Didn’t You Do It Ages Ago?

In a letter to his friend Malcolm, C.S. Lewis writes: “Last week, while at prayer, I suddenly discovered—or felt as if I did—that I had really forgiven someone I have been trying to ...

God, How do I Know This is You?

I was in my last year of college when I decided to enter the convent. As I told my friends, who were also in their early twenties, about how I felt that God was calling me, many of them had the same r...

Saint Monica: The Mother Who Never Gave Up

The dignified woman opened the door and stiffly walked into the room at the seaside inn. As she looked at the drab, empty, ordinary room, she thought, “Nothing special about it.” It was si...

Four Scripture Passages for Moms Worried About Their Kids

It seems children never reach an age where we can stop worrying about them. We go from midnight fears as babies sleep, to cuts and bruises as kids play, to first boyfriend/girlfriend woes, to… ...

More About Angels!

You might not have thought much about angels, or your guardian angel, or the angels in scripture. Now’s your chance!In Angels: Help From on High, Sr Marianne Lorraine Trouvé, FSP, writes,...

The Angels: Our Personal Tour Guides on Our Pilgrimage to Heaven

I learned the prayer to my guardian angel for the first time when I was five years old. It is a popular prayer, so you may have heard of it.Angel of God, my guardian dear, to whom God’s love ent...

Pauline is an apostolic ministry of the Daughters of St. Paul. 

We are consecrated women communicating Christ with our lives.

We are 100 years of collaboration among religious, clergy, and laity to help people connect with Jesus Christ and the Church in a secular digital culture. 

Following our model Saint Paul, we live Christ so that we can give Christ in today’s digital world. 

We are here for you. Join the mission. 


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Working with the Daughters of St. Paul here at Pauline Books and Media for the past 14 years has been a great experience. Besides being a part of the Pauline mission, what has touched me the most is the way the sisters reached out to me when my sister was battling breast cancer. They were there for me and my family., even saying the rosary with us during those dark days. 

I know the book Midwife for Souls helped me cope with this struggle in my life so much and I'm grateful for the opportunity to assist others on the order line here at PBM to find just the right book that will help them too.

Emilia Velasquez
Sales Department at Pauline Books and Media