3 Reasons Mary Helps Our Loved Ones Who Have Left the Church

3 Reasons Mary Helps Our Loved Ones Who Have Left the Church

Do you know someone who has left the Church?  

Who do you ask to pray for your loved ones? 

Sometimes St. Monica is invoked on behalf of children who have strayed from the faith. And she definitely can be a powerful intercessor. 

But there is another intercessor we should never forget when we pray for friends and family who have left the Church: our Blessed Mother. 

Here are some reasons why: 

1. Mary is Our Loved Ones’ Mother:  I once had a very strong prayer experience in which I was desperately pleading with Mary to intercede for some people I love very much who have left the Church. 

While in prayer, I felt the Blessed Mother turn to me with compassion and love and say: 

You are concerned about your loved one because you love them very much.
But imagine how much I must love them.
I am their Mother.
The ones you love are always beneath my mantel and surrounded by my prayers. 

What a beautiful image to carry with us through the month of May: Mary, with her mantle around our loved ones. 

2. Mary is the Evangelizer Par Excellence: In my book, The Prodigal You Love: Inviting Loved Ones Back to the Church, I go back to the model of Mary frequently because she was the first evangelizer. Mary knows how to give Jesus to our loved ones because she gave him first to the world and we can learn from her. Mary can guide us as we navigate the sometimes treacherous waters of relating to loved ones who have rejected the faith or even God altogether. Her example can teach us how to reach out to our loved ones. 

3. Mary Lived in Union with the Holy Spirit: In order to effectively reach our loved ones we have to disconnect from our own ideas, opinions, egos, anger, and stress and tap into the presence of the Holy Spirit living in us through our Baptism. The Holy Spirit can communicate with our loved ones more effectively than we ever could on our own. Mary can teach you how to get out of the way and let the Holy Spirit invite your loved ones back to the Church through you. 

If you know anyone who has left the Church, this month would be a beautiful time to ask Mary to accompany them with her prayers and love. 

I hope you enjoy this excerpt from The Prodigal You Love that touches on what we can learn from Mary’s union with the Holy Spirit. 

And if you like what you read, pick up The Prodigal You Love in this special month dedicated to our Blessed Mother! 

Mary wants to accompany you as you journey with your loved ones. And please know that the Daughters of St. Paul also accompany you in your prayers for your loved ones. 

 Sr. Theresa Aletheia Noble, FSP




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  • leviticus18,22
    3/18/2017 9:31:35 AM Reply
  • Am I wrong that I left my church because I believe that my new choir director is homosexual? I used to sing in the choir and lectored but am now dissappointed and no longer participate. Thank you in advance!
    1/19/2017 12:33:01 AM Reply
      4/25/2017 7:58:47 AM Reply
    • @Ray Austin:read levitucus 18,22
      3/18/2017 9:29:55 AM Reply
    • @Ray Austin:read levitucus 18,22
      3/18/2017 9:24:37 AM Reply
    • @Ray Austin It might be good to look at what the Church teaches about homosexuality. Homosexuality, in and of itself, is not a sin. If the person is living a celibate life and adhering to Church teaching on this matter, then he or she probably has not done anything wrong. According to the Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC): "Homosexual persons are called to chastity" (para. 2359). Also, they are to be. "accepted with respect, compassion, and sensitivity. … These persons are called to fulfill God's will in their lives and, if they are Christians, to unite to the sacrifice of the Lord's Cross the difficulties they may encounter from their condition." (para. 2358). . Would be good to talk with your pastor or your spiritual director about your concerns.
      1/29/2017 7:24:46 PM Reply
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  • My family members have been victimized by the evil Catholic Church. I support FFRF in their efforts-- go to: FFRF.org
    10/3/2015 5:10:44 PM Reply
  • I believe that my own brothers and sisters will come back to the Catholic faith.I have been praying alone not knowing who will help me.Now I know.
    7/2/2015 7:32:49 AM Reply
  • Thank you for writing this article on the three reasons Mary helps our loved ones who have left the church. I am mother of six children... five of whom are not practicing their faith. It is quite a cross for me. My 3 boys were altar servers: one of them, Michael, saved a $7000 church collection from being robbed; my three girls were lecturers; one also taught CCD too. Please pray for our family as well as my three Granddaughters. Thank you for your "Fiat" to Christ! Sincerely, Arlene
    5/16/2015 6:07:39 PM Reply
    • @Arlene: Were you a friend of Judy & Debbie in the 1956/7 and played in the Park in Washington Hheights with me and john Preieto ?. Thank You
      8/16/2017 10:43:45 AM Reply
  • Yes, I do have two nieces and their families changed their outlook on the catholic faith. Ma. Erigen & family had changed to Iglesia de Cristo, and the other niece, Graciela & family to the MORMONS. Their Mothers passed away for a long time. they lived in the other country that I can't make a follow-up on them. Sister Theresa please keep them in all your daily prayers. In His merciful love, Lorie C Weeden
    5/16/2015 12:49:28 PM Reply

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