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Sr. Kathryn James has spent most of her religious life writing and presenting from her own experience and study about personal growth and spiritual development. She is the author of Surviving Depression, Cherished by the Lord, and has begun HeartWork as an online program of personal accompaniment.

A Prayer for a New Vision: Prayers for Our Nation
We beg you, Eternal Wisdom, to give us new visionso as to view persons and events with the eyes of Christ.Open our hearts to great respect for every human personand for authentic values rooted in the Gospel.Help us to promote what is true, just, pure, and good,so that all persons may recognize the dignity to which God calls them.Make us your leaven in the midst of humanity,proclaiming and bringing your salvation into every corner of our world.Holy Spirit, allow us to be surprised bythe...
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O Lord, Use Me: Prayers for Our Nation
Lord, make me an instrument of your grace.Where there is ignorance, let me bring inspiration;Where there is prejudice, understanding;Where there is weariness, strength;Where there is ugliness, beauty;Where there is loneliness, companionship;Where there is sadness, joy;Where there is fear, courage;Where there is doubt, faith;Where there is hatred, love.Lord, fill my mind with your truth,my heart with your love,my whole being with your Spirit.Grant me the supreme giftof forgetfulness of self in se...
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The Story of Our Lady Undoer of Knots
Painted around 1700 by Johan Schmidtner, the original painting of Our Lady Undoer of Knots is found in the Church of Saint Peter in Augsburg, Germany. A priest named Father Langenmantel had commissioned the work to honor Mary and to thank her for a favor received by his grandparents, who at one point were on the verge of divorce. The husband went to seek counsel from a priest, Father Rem, a Jesuit from Ingolstadt. During their talks they would pray together asking Mary’s intercession....
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Webathon Novena 2016: Novena to Our Lady Undoer of Knots
Have you ever noticed how just when you’re ready to sink your teeth into a project you’ve wanted to do forever, something else gets in the way? Well, maybe not every time, but it happens often enough! That happened to us: just as we were planning an upcoming project for the Webathon, here’s what got in the way…The generator that serves the entire motherhouse and publishing house during power failures… died.This past year at the motherhouse we experienced repeated ...
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Webathon Novena to Our Lady Undoer of Knots
So for our Webathon Novena this year we will be taking our knots—and yours—to Mary, trusting that she will help us undo the longstanding problems that cause us so much suffering and concern.We want you to join us for this novena on October 5th. Here’s what you’ll get: You will receive a short daily email You can tune in to a live broadcast of the novena prayers of the day at noon or 8:00 in the evening at You’ll find yourself in solidari...
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We have finished moving into the Promised Land thanks to you! Please accept our gratitude.
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Sr. Maria Grace needs your advice (please!)
For four delightful years, I worked in our Pauline Books & Media bookcenter in Alexandria, Virginia. My favorite part of being in the bookcenter was helping people on the floor. I realized that by listening to people and asking them questions, I could find just the right book, resource, or gift item that they needed for themselves or for a family member, student, or friend. The longer I worked in the bookcenter, the more familiar I became with all the great Catholic material that’s ava...
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I Need Your Advice (please!)

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I Need Your Advice (please!)
So, a lot of you have gotten to know me over the years through articles of spirituality and inspiration, and thoughtful advice for living with faith in today’s world.This short article is a bit different.I want to pull back the curtain a little and share something more personal. Here goes.These past few years I’ve been struggling through some midlife self-doubt and life reflection. It has been painful, as it is I’m sure in some way for everyone. The challenges that usher us int...
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