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The Catholic Meditation Apps by Georgiana Lotfy re-imagine hope for people living in today’s complex and stressful world. Most of us would love to find ten minutes of peace a day to feel calm and meditate and reflect on what we want to be and do, on what God might desire for us. We wish we could find a way to unwind so we’d live with less tension and more joy, able to meet the troubling situations of our life with more grace.

But where do we begin? If we can’t calm down, how can we reflect? If we’ve never been taught how to meditate, how can we pray more deeply? If it’s too difficult to be still in our chaotic schedules, how can we hear God speaking?

Georgiana Lotfy is a guide who can help you find room to breathe in your life. She is the author of a series of Catholic Meditation Apps. Her guided meditations make it easy to begin and help you find the inner joy that will give you new hope.

Find rest, joy, and a renewed energy with apps by Georgiana Lotfy, LMFT

"I bought this and tried it for 21 days. Then it was 22 days, 23 days..,24 days..., I love the voice and scripture about Gods love for us. I thought it might bring $$$ but its better than $$$... It's a calm that I bring into the world..." spiritgirl, review on itunes.

This is a powerful and hypnotic app. which can be used for beginners and experienced meditators alike. Thank you for sharing this invitation to be present! Spirit22222, review on itunes.

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