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Have you every taken your family on vacation or been on a business trip and wondered if there was a place to visit that had significance to you as a Catholic? Do you know the wide variety of places of Catholic interest in your own hometown where you could strengthen your faith while you enjoy some time off?

In today's society we can feel like everything Catholic has vanished. At tourist destinations, Christian contributions to the political and historical development of this country are passed over. The events in the lives of Catholics who played a part in the history of the U.S. are fascinating, but sometimes hard to uncover. At times we can feel alone in today's climate as a Catholic. Introducing Catholic Tour Apps, a series of apps offering tour guides to today's greatest cities.


Find places of Catholic interest that aren't marked on maps or mentioned by tour guides.

The biggest hurdle to discovering places of Catholic culture is that we don’t know what they are, where they are, or how to get there. They are often off the beaten track, and who has time to search for them? Tour guides make no mention of Catholic contributions to historical events when you tour a city. Shrines or Catholic destinations may not have a tour guide present to help you understand the meaning behind the people and events that a location memorializes.

Catholic Tour Apps is your guide to the hidden places of interest that help you know your history as an American Catholic and claim your Catholic culture. Discover guides to places of historical interest, shrines, museums and memorials, as well as galleries of art. Whether you're planning your trip in advance or are looking for information on the spot, Catholic Tour Apps put everything at your fingertips so you can save time, relax, enjoy yourself, and make memories for yourself or your family that will last a lifetime.

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