Get Kids to Love Reading

Kids who love to read develop critical thinking skills and increase success in school.
The Gospel Time Trekker series rewards readers by offering wonderful adventures, fun dialog, and exciting facts! 

Spiritual Lives Made Accessible to Kids

Sister Maria Grace makes sound principles of the spiritual life accessible to kids ages 6-9. When you share the Gospel Time Trekker series with the kids in your life, you offer them an opportunity to meet Christ.
Introduce kids to principles of lectio divina, Ignatian imaginative prayer, and discover other ways to develop friendship with Jesus.

The Key to Reading Scripture

Sister Maria Grace shows kids how they too can enter into the Bible and imagine what it was like to meet Jesus. This is the key to reading scripture with hearts open and able to hearing God’s voice.

Knowing the Bible

The Gospel Time Trekker series offers solid facts about the culture and landscape surrounding these pivotal moments in biblical times.

The Point

Helping kids have a personal encounter with Christ is precisely the heart of the mission of the Daughters of St. Paul. Sister Maria Grace combines her passion for Christ, her love for Scripture, and her skill as a writer to offer kids the opportunity to meet Jesus.

Paying Attention at Mass

It’s difficult for most adults to enter into this ancient and powerful prayer of the Church. Kids who read the Gospel Time Trekker series will notice that they too can try to see Jesus just like Caleb and his siblings. Kids will discover how to see Jesus, and they’ll learn to find Jesus in the Mass.

Understanding the Mass

It’s hard to get our minds around what’s happening at Mass. The Gospel Time Trekker series underscores basic truths like Jesus’s presence in the Mass: in the assembly, in the Word, in the Eucharist, in the priest. The series also helps kids recognize Christ in their everyday lives.



Sister Maria Grace grew up in Springfield, Virginia, and has one older brother and four younger sisters (and twenty-two nieces and nephews—so far). She met the Daughters of Saint Paul when she was fifteen years old and felt God calling her to help people know and love him. Since then, Sister Grace has edited a Catholic children’s magazine (My Friend), authored several children’s books, and now serves in the Pauline Books & Media Center in Alexandria, Virginia. She’d love to recommend a good book to you!


Send an email to jclub(at) to learn about the possibility of scheduling a video conference with Sister Maria Grace for your students.


Praise for Gospel Time Trekkers

“We have officially reached the point where my eight-year-old is impressed with the review materials I get in my post office box, and I have Pauline Books & Media to thank. Their new Gospel Time Trekkers series has caught her attention.” –Sarah Reinhard,

“I read these to my seven year-old who is not quite ready to read chapter books but was very interested in the stories. Needless to say, she never wanted to stop. My eleven year-old, who is reading more advanced books, loved these simply written gems, as well.” –Pete Socks, The Catholic Book Blogger

“I am thoroughly enjoying this well-written series. Each book subtly teaches your children different stories of the New Testament and makes them feel like they are living the events in the book. This is the mark of a great story and storyteller. You are definitely going to want to pick up this 5-star book as well as the other books in the Gospel Time Trekkers series.” –Stuart's Study

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