Hello, my name is Sr Kathryn Hermes and I have been helping people walk the road of spiritual growth and inner healing for the past twenty years. A stroke at the age of 21 was God’s masterful move to orienting me in this direction. As I dove deep into the ocean of sorrow and confusion in my own life, I found my joy at last in sharing with others what had been given to me.

My best-selling title Surviving Depression: A Catholic Approach has been translated into 17 languages and is popular among those suffering with emotional vulnerability, as well as their families and friends. Through HeartWork, my online program for personal development and spiritual growth in holiness, I personally lead women and men through a journey rooted in the Catholic tradition. I am a spiritual guide and director of My Sisters, an online program on Facebook for Spiritual Accompaniment Along the Journey.

Sometimes we can’t touch the sunrise within us because we are numb from the effort to keep pushing through the wounding of present or past situations and events in our life. But at a certain point, we can’t ignore our heart’s desire for more.

A scriptural image that has drawn me deeply into God's tender intimacy has been the woman who washed Jesus feet. She represents for me all me--and others--struggles, vulnerability, sorrows, regrets.... This woman’s brave action and Jesus’ tenderness with her has become for me a sacred story because I believe that this is the love everyone craves.

Do I matter to God?

Does God see me?

Does God hear me?

Does God get what’s happening to me and what it means?

My approach to writing, presenting, and accompaniment is grounded in this certainty that God is love and he rises as the Dawn from on High in each person’s heart. I have always been awed by people I’ve met who have absolutely taken Jesus at his Word, risked everything, as the woman who washed Jesus feet, because they believed Jesus would be true to what he had promised. Here at HeartWorkwe together dare to take Jesus at his Word.


What would it be like to be happy?

Whether we still struggle with the pain of past wounds, are working through relationships and situations that are dragging us down, or worrying about the future, we yearn for a life that is free, fulfilling, and fruitful. The trouble is that we often feel that we have a hole in our hearts that we can't fill. We look for love, and it slips through our fingers. We try to give love to others, and no one wants it. We can't believe that God really would love us. We end up alone. 

Heartwork is a way to develop an active attentiveness to the inner urgings which block you from experiencing the joy, love, and mercy you want for yourself or wish to show to others. Through the one-on-one process of HeartWork you will receive the tools to be more present to your heart, to God, and to those you love.

Everything you need to learn HeartWork is in the videos that follow.



HeartWork is for anyone who wants to:

Be Touched by the 

Presence of God

You are more intimately united to God than you realize. When you do HeartWork you are growing in your knowledge of the spiritual life and learning from the spiritual "greats" how to pray in ways that open you up to God's coming in your life as it is.

Live with Greater Peace 

and Confidence

Sometimes it just takes someone to "connect the dots" and offer practical tools in order for us to find the inner peace that comes from working on the pains and sorrows our hearts hold. HeartWork is practical, scriptural and fun.

Yearn for a life that is

free, fulfilling, and fruitful

HeartWork will support you in healing as you recover from a divorce, a death in the family, a disappointment? Are you suffering from emotional vulnerability? These difficult moments of life spare none of us. In HeartWork you gently follow the Good Shepherd as you make the journey of emotional healing.

What is HeartWork? 

HeartWork is a simple and practical process of watchfulness “at the door of your heart” in the spirit of the Eastern Fathers, who teach that the process for healing the heart is through a patient and sacred  watchfuless which gives rise to the deep experience of wonder that bubbles up from the heart. The exercises of attentive awareness learned through HeartWork makes a powerful difference because it is our lack of attentiveness to our inner world that is at the root of anger, addiction, fear, depression and violence.


You have all you need to learn HeartWork right here on this site. There are twelve videos below which are a foundational introduction to HeartWork. If you want an even more powerful and life-changing experience, I'd love to work personally with you. There is a place where you can register for a session. After you register I'll contact you by email so we can arrange a date and time together.


People who do HeartWork commonly experience:

a new depth in prayer
a greater fullness of inner peace
relief from depression
a greater peace and confidence in relationships
self-forgiveness and forgiveness of others
a growth in self-esteem
a richer life and the capacity to meet one's needs
reduced anger
greater mental clarity
and hope for the future


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