What would it be like to be happy?

Heartwork is a way to develop an active attentiveness to the inner urgings which block you from experiencing the joy, love, and mercy you want for yourself or wish to show to others. Through the one-on-one process of HeartWork you will receive the tools to be more present to your heart, to God, and to those you love.

Whether we still struggle with the pain of past wounds, are working through relationships and situations that are dragging us down, or worrying about the future, we yearn for a life that is free, fulfilling, and fruitful. The trouble is that we often feel that we have a hole in our hearts that we can't fill. We look for love, and it slips through our fingers. We try to give love to others, and no one wants it. We can't believe that God really would love us. We end up alone.  

What is HeartWork? 

HeartWork is a simple and practical process of watchfulness “at the door of your heart” in the spirit of the Eastern Fathers, who teach that the process for healing the heart is through a patient and sacred  watchfuless which gives rise to the deep experience of wonder that bubbles up from the heart. The exercises of attentive awareness learned through HeartWork makes a powerful difference because it is our lack of attentiveness to our inner world that is at the root of anger, addiction, fear, depression and violence.


Each session includes practical exploration of the wisdom found in the spirituality of the Fathers, exercises that facilitate self-awareness and personal integration (these are worked through together during the session as well as provided in handout form so that they can be done personally after the session), and guided  prayer.


People who do HeartWork commonly experience:

a new depth in prayer
a greater fullness of inner peace
relief from depression
a greater peace and confidence in relationships
self-forgiveness and forgiveness of others
a growth in self-esteem
a richer life and the capacity to meet one's needs
reduced anger
greater mental clarity
and hope for the future

I commit myself to provide for you:

In the context of the rich spirituality and anthropology of the Church Fathers, I commit myself to provide for you:

  • 8 one-on-one 60 minute meetings in which I will guide you personally through the HeartWork process
  • Clear presentations to teach you the proven tools that are unique to HeartWork which you can use on your own to continue your own spiritual development and personal growth in wholeness and holiness
  • Written handouts for each tool
  • Guided prayer in each meeting to teach you various forms of prayer.


After HeartWork you will discover in yourself:

  • A greater attentiveness to inner urgings which sabotage your deeper desires for wholeness and holiness
  • A greater presence to your heart, to God, and to others.
  • A more intentional watchfulness of what blocks you from experiencing the joy, love, and mercy you want for yourself or wish to show to others.
  • A gradually deepening spiritual life along a time-honored path indicated by Scripture,  Catholic spirituality and the Fathers
  • A growing capacity to live your life and encounter difficulties with greater confidence as you use the tools you have learned in your life, able to free yourself more and more from identification with what once had dragged you down

What Do I Need to Participate?

HeartWork is held via private videoconferencing using the site www.zoom.us. To participate you minimally need a microphone which is usually built into computers. If you have a webcam or camera on your laptop that is ideal. During the session on www.zoom.us we are able to converse as if we were in the same room.

To participate you will be directed to go to www.zoom.us and click “Join a Meeting”
You will be asked to enter a Meeting ID.
The Meeting ID is supplied upon registration.

The first time you use zoom.us the site will download a small program to your computer in order to be able to run. 

How many meetings are there? 

There 8 meetings in HeartWork Immersion

In these 8 meetings we explore the movement from inattention to that special quality of watchfulness that brings our mind and body together and opens the door to the heart and to prayer. There are exercises that facilitate the subtle journey inward to the heart, offering practical ways of working with ones emotions and finding freedom from patterns of thinking, reacting, and behaving that are blocking the way to greater joy in our life and union with God.

There are 8 meetings in HeartWork in Christ

In these 8 or more meetings we build on the shift in awareness and presence we have experienced in the first 8 meetings. Within the greater backdrop of salvation history and the fall in the Garden, we explore our identification with the passions and the purification of the nous, the guidance to softening our heart from Theophan the Recluse and St. Ignatius of Loyola, how to disidentify with the passionate thoughts that enter our mind, the living of the beatitudes as presented by Nicholas Cabasillas, hesychism, Deification, and living in Christ.

As we begin HeartWork together, we can direct the program according to your particular spiritual needs.


What is the cost? 

The cost for the HeartWork sessions is $30 per meeting.


How do I register? 

If you think that HeartWork would be helpful to you, I invite you to send me an email through the Introductory Registration at the bottom of this page.

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