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Struggling with depression or emotional pain? 

Trying to recover from a divorce, a death in the family, a disappointment? 
I too have lived with depression for twenty years.
I offer some help and hope in my book, a retreat, and a conference.


Wish your prayer was deeper? More real?
Your connection with God more felt and personal?
This online mini-course is structured to lead you gradually through 8 weeks to deeper prayer


When people reach their midlife years, something happens.
Though we can practice the “lessons” of midlife earlier as young adults
midlife has truly begun when something outside of our control 
has rearranged the furniture of our lives, so to speak,
and “left us out of the picture.” 

We are no longer who we were
we are not yet who we will be.

Almost universally those in these middle years and even beyond 
ask for guidance in how to pray.


HeartWork is a simple and practical process of watchfulness
 “at the door of your heart” in the spirit of the Eastern Fathers,
who teach that the process for healing the heart is through a patient and sacred  watchfuless
which gives rise to the deep experience of wonder that bubbles up from the heart.
The exercises of attentive awareness learned through HeartWork
make a powerful difference because it is our lack of attentiveness to our inner world
that is at the root of anger, addiction, fear, depression and violence.

Modern-day interpretation of the ancient wisdom of the Christian East.
Precise and detailed instructions on how to be free
of compulsive thinking and behavior;
how to move from a position of judgment and anger
to an horizon of love and mercy;
how to be created anew by grace in the likeness of Christ;
how to become another Christ and to live “hidden with Christ in God.” 


Wish you could do things over? Had another chance?
Could take back something you’ve said or done? Make things right? But can’t?


About Sr Kathryn

Sr. Kathryn is a compassionate mentor and guide who takes others along with her on her own path of personal integration and spiritual transformation, specializing in uncovering in the difficult moments of life where God’s grace is already breaking through. 

In 1978 she entered the Daughters of St. Paul. After suffering a stroke when she was twenty-one, she struggled with depression and Temporal Lobe Epilepsy for a number of years. She has been in many areas of her congregation’s ministry: including writing and editing a magazine, presenting, ministry in the Book Centers, digital marketing, and HeartWork, a one-on-one online program for spiritual transformation. 

She has written: Surviving Depression: A Catholic ApproachCherished by the Lord: 100 Meditations on God’s Love, St Joseph: Helper in Life’s Emergencies, and Beginning Contemplative Prayer (e-book).


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Sr. Kathryn